About H.E.L.P. Youth Canada

We believe that everyone, regardless of their past, deserves the chance to obtain an education, leading to a good job and a path out of poverty. We achieve this by working closely with local youth agencies who recommend motivated, school-ready youth for our bursaries. Together, as a team, we work to provide wrap-around care to ensure each bursary youth stands the best chance of success.

Our Board of Directors

  • Dale Bonsall

    Corporate Events Planner, Harvest Project Client Care Partner, and PBP coordinator.
  • Chrislana Gregory

    B.A. L.L.B., MA Counselling, Small business owner and board volunteer.
  • Heather Jones

    BA (Hons, Bus & Anthropology) 30 year real estate professional, Board of Governor for Independent School. Lifelong belief in giving back.
  • Linda Robertson

    M. Sc., Owner of Robertson & Co. Inc. Consulting, Systems Analyst, many years as a community-service volunteer and non-profit board member.
  • Cara Sinclair

    M.F.A. Founder of HELP and Project Backpack, community-service tutor & volunteer, and 2020 recipient of the British Columbia Medal of Good Citizenship

H.E.L.P. for Youth Canada Society is a registered non-profit (BN# 842459109 RR0001) whose goal is to assist vulnerable youth out of poverty through access to education.
H.E.L.P. believes that a bursary youth stands the best chance of success if they are well-supported – not only financially but physically and emotionally. Therefore, our mandate fosters wrap-around care.
With this in mind, and to encourage success, our recipients must be championed through a case worker or a support worker at the agencies we partner with. Likewise, school liaisons are encouraged.