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Facts about youth homelessness

There are hundreds of youth living on the streets of Vancouver, some as young as 13.


They are there because the street is safer than their home.  Their histories are often sad and complex: a lifetime of foster care, or abuse, or severe family dysfunction.  Often their greatest childhood feat is just surviving it.

Living on the streets is dangerous and youth can be lured into trafficking drugs, prostitution or crime just to survive. Exiting the street is difficult and staying off the street is harder. Many aspects of ‘normal’ life is out of their reach: like parental guidance, a stable home, medical & psychological help, a good mentor or access to education.


H.E.L.P. for Youth Canada Society is a CRA registered charity aimed at assisting vulnerable youth. Through partnerships  with local youth agencies, our mandate is to provide youth access to a successful future through education and mentorship. 

The H.E.L.P. for Youth Bursary Fund  offers funds to qualifying youth to attend school (trades/vocational, college &/or university) leading to successful employment.

Get involved.  Help us help them rebuild their lives – donate to H.E.LP. through www.canadahelps.org or directly here.

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